What Is a CCTV Drain Survey, and Do You Need One?

Let’s dive into CCTV drain surveys – those magical peeks into the hidden world beneath our feet that ensure our drains flow as smoothly as a lazy river.

Imagine this: your drains are like arteries of your property, carrying away all the waste and grime to keep your surroundings clean and healthy. But just like arteries, they can get clogged or suffer from wear and tear. That’s where the hero of the hour steps in – the CCTV drain survey.

So, what’s a CCTV drain survey, you ask? It’s like giving your drains an X-ray, but way cooler. Using nifty waterproof cameras, experts send them on a journey down the twists and turns of your drains. These cameras reveal the hidden secrets, capturing everything from those pesky blockages of grease and gunk to even the tiniest cracks in the drain’s armour.

You might wonder, “Do I really need this?” Well, imagine you’re buying a new home – exciting, right? But it’s also a bit like diving into a mystery novel blindfolded. A CCTV drain survey is like a flashlight that helps you see if there are any hidden issues before you make that giant leap. Plus, if you plan to stretch your home’s legs with an extension, you’d want to know where you’re stepping, right? These surveys help you figure out where to place those footings and foundations without accidentally stepping on your drains’ toes.

But what’s this survey designed to find? Think of it as a superhero’s checklist. It looks for signs of trouble like roots making their way into your drains (those cheeky troublemakers), piles of silt building up like unwanted guests, and even the overall flow direction of the drain – all crucial details to keep things running smoothly.

Now, how long does this superhero investigation take? It’s like a mini-adventure that can take a couple of hours, depending on what they uncover. And here’s the cool part: while you’re sipping your tea, the surveyor might be wrapping up in their van, jotting down all the findings in a report that magically appears on your doorstep the same day. There is no waiting game here!

Speaking of technology, these experts are armed with some seriously cool gear. We’re talking about cameras that can wade through drains as wide as a river and as long as a marathon track or nimble cameras on a pushrod that can navigate the twists and turns of narrower drains. They’ve even got the floatation rafts to survey culverts – who knew drains could be so adventurous?

But what do you get at the end of this drain odyssey? A treasure trove of knowledge in the form of a detailed PDF report. It’s not just words – it’s like a documentary of your drains’ inner life. You’ll get to see film footage, a diagram of the drainage system, and even snapshots of the issues they unearthed – from cracks to root infestations. And if they find something amiss, fear not! They’ll dish out recommendations like seasoned detectives, guiding you toward the best fixes.

Ah, the big question: How much does this survey cost? Like every great adventure, the price depends on factors like the drain system size. A rough estimate is between £100.00 and £400.00, but your best bet is to chat with a local drain explorer for a tailor-made quote that suits your needs.

So, how does the survey unfold? First, you make a call, like summoning the heroes. Then, on the survey day, they arrive with all their gadgets and gizmos. They’ll have a quick chat about your drain’s backstory before setting up the cameras for their grand journey. The cameras venture into the dark depths, capturing the drain’s inner world in real time. And just like that, the engineer notes the findings, crafting a report that spills the beans on the state of your drains. If repairs are in order, they’ve got the equipment to save the day.